My name is Kristen and I am the lady behind Bliss Confection Co.

I was introduced to the art of baking by my mom at about 5 years old. I would help bake cookies during snow days off from school. That really meant 'shove-as-much-cookie-dough-in-your-mouth-as-you-possibly-could' while Mom went to check the wood stove.

I eventually did progress to 'baking' in my Easy Bake oven and concocting after-school snacks for my sister and I.

After high school, I attended New England Culinary Institute in Vermont, receiving a degree in Baking and Pastry Arts and a degree in Hospitality and Restaurant Management.

Since starting my professional career fourteen years ago, I have worked at hotels, small privately owned restaurants, large corporate restaurants, and boutique bakeries. I am certified in food safety and protection, certified in allergen awareness, and I operate in a fully licensed and insured solar powered kitchen.

I am a lover of ALL sweets and I love to design and create desserts. I can’t wait to help you with your next celebration!